Meet the Team: Raju

Take a look at our exclusive interview with our very own, Raju!

Name : Raju Hussain

Do you have a nickname? Prince Raju

What school did you attend? Hamtramck High School

Where are you from? Bangladesh, Sylhet

What is your favorite sports team? Real Madrid FC (Soccer)

What has been your proudest accomplishment? Developing and training a BCE employee to hit qualifications to become a top leader.

Do you have a cool hobby? I love to play soccer.

What is on your bucket list? Visit the Bahamas, Dubai, Bhutan and United kingdom before my 30s.

Do you have a family? Siblings? Yes, I have 1 brother and 1 sister!!

What is your favorite Food? Chicken tikka

What do you always have with you? Essential kit that you never leave home without? Phone, debit card and car keys!

Goals, short and long term? My short term goal is become best interviewer and trainer for leadership development. My long term goal is to become a manager/owner of the business I am currently working in now.

Any other fun facts you want to share? I love to play cricket and I am moving up the popularity ranks on TikTok.

Since sheltering in place, what are you doing during Covid-19? Doing zoom calls Monday-Friday , learning great things from different owners and assistant manager, and amazing boot camps to develop ourselves during this kind of situation. I love the opportunity to work at Blue Chip Endeavors. 

Tell us what you have learned, biggest takeaway personally or professionally?
My biggest takeaway from the boot camps is “Believe in yourself, nothing comes easy”

Why has working at BCE been good for you? BCE has been a great opportunity for me to develop myself and my career. I am thankful to BCE for giving me the opportunity to work with the company. I love the environment and it’s very motivating to me daily. I always feel like I’m going to a family gathering instead of going to work because BCE has given me a lot.

What’ something cool you’ve accomplished at BCE?  The coolest accomplishments I have at BCE are, during my promotion week, I made the Comma Club, took the top spot in the office, and hit my promotion qualifications. Still hold the record for the highest grossed promotion week!

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