Time Management

Today, we are going to talk about time management. We cover this a lot around Blue Chip Endeavors because there are so many different aspects of time management and it is something you should always be aware of. Time is important because once it’s gone, there’s no . getting it back. Using your time effectively will help you hit your goals and also keep you focused on the task at hand. About a year ago, one of our mentors shared a video on a social media platform. It was of this guy giving a speech while he was running. He was spilling facts, getting real, and making everyone want to put their phones down and go do something. His name was David Groggins. Has anyone ever heard of him before?

He wrote a book earlier this year called “Can’t Hurt Me”. It’s about how David Goggins transformed himself into one of Americas fittest athletes through self-discipline, mental toughness and hard work. Brace yourself, the Audible is around 13 hours long. With the Audible, they do a podcast, which gives more understanding about the mentality of each chapter with some extra dialogue. We highly recommend listening to this. Warning: if you get offended with swearing or if you are uncomfortable with change, you should probably pass on it.

Goggins writes that many of us live at 40% of our true capability. Only when we callous our mind through stepping out of our comfort zone on a regular basis can we move beyond it.

He writes, “Most of us give up when we’ve only given around 40 percent of our maximum effort. Even when we feel like we’ve reached our absolute limit, we still have 60 percent more to give! […] Once you know that to be true, it’s simply a matter of stretching your pain tolerance, letting go of your identity and all your self-limiting stories, so you can get to 60 percent, then 80 percent and beyond without giving up. I call this The 40% Rule, and the reason it’s so powerful is that if you follow it, you will unlock your mind to new levels of performance and excellence in sports and in life, and your rewards will run far deeper than mere material success”.

David Goggins was not interested in being the “aristocracy of the military”. Settling down comfortably was not what he was looking for and that’s why he went into ultra-marathons. His stories are quite crazy . here and the author encourages his readers to squeeze as much as possible from their day. “A 40 hour workweek is a 40% effort”, he says, “and that’s mediocrity”.

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The best way to overcome anything in life is to become a master of what you’re afraid of. Become a master of your insecurities.

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