Comfort Zone Challenge

Recently, Candice completed her Comfort Zone Challenge. After doing so, we were able to sit down with her and discuss why she started this journey, what she learned, and how it helped her grow as an individual.
We hope you enjoyed your 30 days of challenges and we would love to hear your experience as well.
What does intentionally getting out of your comfort zone get you? What happens when you push out of it?
1. “I became much more productive with my time.  I was sitting in a complacent comfort zone, being really comfortable where I was. I found that I was lacking urgency, had high procrastination and I felt busy yet wasn’t hitting my goals. Elevating my comfort zone helped me be more aware of where my time was going and I was able to enjoy more.”
2. “I am not good with change, I need a minute or a day or a week to adjust. Pushing my comfort zone helped me roll with different changes I experienced this month, which made me more productive, driven and happier to see the change take place.”3. “I made myself really uncomfortable with a lot of situations and I survived. It was only uncomfortable for me, not anyone else, because I was stretching my personal comfort zone. It made me realize that my mind is my biggest competitor, critic, and cheerleader. My mind is keeping me from getting the things I want. Getting outside my comfort zone helped me realize that I have a lot more potential that I don’t use, and through this challenge, I feel more confident and stronger to uncap that potential.”

What were a couple challenges that you would like to share with us? 
Day 4: “I wrote out my very vulnerable story about needing a blood transfusion after the twins were born because I am launching a #sleevesup campaign with the Red Cross to get pledges for people to donate blood. I have been telling my mentors that I would do it for months and just got the courage to just to it. Not as bad as I thought it would be.”
Day 13: “Actually left the office for lunch. I was gone 20 minutes and it was life changing! Just taking a little brain break was so helpful for my mental game.”
Day 27: “I took off my email notifications from my phone. Less vibrating and dings = less distractions.”
Day 29: “I have always wanted to meditate. Stopping my hustled life and become more centered, relaxed, and focus on my breathing. I was pretty stressed and I needed to slow down and shut everything down it is not part of my nightly routine but it was welcomed and beneficial I feel like to me at that point.”
Like Candice, we hope this experience helped you discover new things that you are now comfortable with! Whether it be a walk in the rain or re-centering your focus, it is always important to invest in yourself and your wellbeing.
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