At our recent conference in Houston, one of the key teaching points was GROW.

Grit and Gratitude

Combining grit and gratitude will set you up for success. Being gritty is combining talent and effort, skill and effort, and achievement. This doesn’t mean just physically showing up, it means mentally being there to challenge yourself to get better. This winning combination will get you to your goals. It calls for being grateful for what you have and how far you’ve come, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Anger and fear hold back gratitude for success. Having the mindset that “things happen for me and not to me” makes it easy to be grateful for challenges.

What holds us back from the results we want is a limiting self believe. There are 3 things we need to do to to see results: decide what matters, take personal accountability, and all your brain the space to build goals.

Start where you are and with whatever opportunity you have and decided where you are going. Make the decision and go after it 100%. Don’t wait until you have enough money, don’t wait until you build more leadership, don’t wait until you are are little bit older; take advantage of your opportunity now. Decide now and everything else will work out.

Winning entails doing whatever it takes to succeed, no matter what your circumstances are or how many obstacles are in your way. Have a winning mentality to overcome everything that gets in your way of being successful.

Now that you know, are you ready to GROW with us? Join our team today!

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