6 Ways Business Relates to Football

Football season is back, and we couldn’t be more excited! One of our favorite activities as a team is getting together and watching a great game.

At Blue Chip Endeavors, we attribute much of our success to our team-oriented atmosphere. We couldn’t help but notice many of the similarities between football and our business.  (It doesn’t hurt that our CEO played in the NFL)  Here are a few things we picked up on that can help you to be successful in both football and business.

  1. You must work as a team. Similarly to football, teamwork is absolutely essential to the success of a business. Managers cannot accomplish everything on their own and employee productivity and happiness is largely dependent on cooperative teamwork.
  1. Structure is important. In football, every position has a key role in the game and every player is instrumental to the outcome of each play. The same goes for business. Every team member has an important role to play within the business and each role supports another.
  1. Leadership is key. Without a great coach, a football team will not be successful. In addition to coaches, football teams have assistant coaches, coordinators and captains. Likewise, businesses have CEOs, managers, assistant managers and leaders who all work as a cohesive unit to give the best direction and counsel they can. A variety of leaders allows flexibility in coaching styles and provides more one-on-one time with employees. 
  1. Motivate! State of mind is half the battle when it comes to accomplishing a goal. Football teams get super pumped up before hitting the field, and it’s usually the words of a coach, captain or other player who sparks the fire in the team. It’s important for business owners and leaders to keep their team motivated and enthusiastic.
  1. Have a goal in site. Obviously, the goal in football is to win! However, there are many other smaller goals that lead up to those bigger goals of winning the game. The same goes for business. It’s important to keep the team focused on a major goal and then smaller, easily measured goals.
  1. Give recognition. When a football team wins, the whole team gets credit. Even the star players will give the credit to their whole team, (because it really is a team effort). Giving credit where credit is due is super important when it comes to keeping your team motivated and happy. Always give your team credit for a job well done and always give individual team members a shout out for exemplary work. It motivates team members to do more and boosts confidence and it also reinforces the team mentality.


No wonder we love football so much!  Let’s go Lions!


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