How to Improve Self Awareness

Self-awareness means more than just simply knowing yourself.  To be self-aware means to have a deep, intrinsic understanding of your own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, past, needs, abilities and faults.

Being self-aware isn’t just something yogis strive for. It’s important for everyone. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with the world around us. If you can’t understand yourself, it will be very difficult to understand others around you.

If you want to improve your self-awareness, here’s where to start:


  1. Spend some time alone. If you want to truly get to know yourself, you’ve got to spend plenty of time in your own company. A lot of people don’t like being alone because that’s when they get overwhelmed with their thoughts and emotions. This is the best time for self-discovery!


  1. Journal. Journaling is one of the all-time best tools for self-awareness. Free writing helps to unlock blocked emotions, old memories, and discover patterns in behavior.


  1. Reflect. In order to truly get to know ourselves and put our best foot forward, it’s important to take the time to reflect upon our past decisions and actions and how they have impacted our lives.


  1. Admit to your mistakes. Being self-aware means owning up to your role in your current situation and how your mistakes have affected yourself and others. No need to dwell, but owning your weaknesses allows you to truly move forward and learn how to better yourself.


  1. Sit with your uncomfortable thoughts. When we have uncomfortable emotions, our first instinct is to avoid them, distract ourselves or numb ourselves from feeling any pain. It’s necessary to feel them, figure out why they keep coming up, and figure out how to work through them. Being uncomfortable is part of growth and an unavoidable part of self-discovery.


  1. Find a way to work through your emotions. If you keep pushing your emotions aside, they’re going to continue to pop up at inconvenient times and mess up your life forever. You’ve got to figure out why you feel the way you do and come to terms with it.


  1. Build a mind-body relationship. Creating and maintaining a strong mind and body connection is a great way to strengthen self-awareness. Meditation and yoga are perfect avenues to form those pathways. When you feel completely in tune with your mind, body and spirit, you feel a certain confidence that just can’t be shaken.
  2. Know that you are responsible for your life. The height of self-awareness is understanding that no matter what has happened to you in your life, the outcome is ultimately in your hands. Your success or lack thereof is up to you and no one else. When you no longer place blame or victimize yourself, you are free to claim your own space in this world and get what you deserve.


Which of these do you use to become more self aware?

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