How to Make the Most Out of Your Business Conference

Business travel can sometimes get a bad rap. At Blue Chip Endeavors, we look forward to each opportunity that we get to explore new territory!

Not only do conferences present us with the occasion to experience new areas, but the opportunities for career and personal growth are boundless!

Want to make the most of your next business conference? Take some tips from the team at Blue Chip Endeavors!

  1. Get excited! Each chance to attend a conference is an opportunity to better yourself both personally and professionally. Any new experience is a chance to grow. A conference is an especially great opportunity to learn from others in your industry, meet new connections and have fun at the same time!
  2. Get prepared. Get ready for your trip by researching the area you’ll be traveling to, researching the speakers and getting your flight and hotel booked and squared away. When you’re well prepared, you won’t have much to worry about so you can enjoy your time and soak up the experience!
  3. Get briefed. Most conferences have a briefing session upon arrival. A briefing session consists of instructions and details concerning the conference.
  4. Attend the right sessions. Not every conference session will be for you. Choose the ones which will benefit you the most. Don’t burn yourself out trying to cram in as much as you can if the topics don’t pertain to you. Make sure you attend the ones that you really want to, and if you have time, attend some others that catch your interest.
  5. Take notes. Don’t forget to take notes! We always think we will remember everything, only to find out that we draw a blank looking back on the conference later. There’s a lot of information to take in. Outline the important stuff!
  6. Network. Hang around after each conference if you’d like to talk to the speakers. It always helps to make connections! Don’t skip out on the social events, either! You’ve got to have some fun on your trip, and those are some of the best times to network! Make sure you exchange information and make connections with others who are attending the conference.
  7. Follow up. Send follow-up emails or phone calls with those you’ve met on the trip in order to firm up connections.
  8. Review. Review the notes that you took and discuss them with your team. Put what you’ve learned to use!

Traveling for business is one of our favorite perks here at Blue Chip Endeavors. Check back on our Facebook to see what we’ve learned at our most recent conference!

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