What Your Bracket Says About You

Blue Chip Endeavors loves March. Not only does the weather start to get warm but you have an excuse to drink green beer (this weekend). The most important reason we love March is for March Madness. We love the competition that comes from filling out the notorious brackets and going up against your co-workers to win. This year while watching the office fill out brackets, we realized that every one falls into one of three types of bracket filler-outters and it says a lot about who they are:

  1. The smarty-pants: This person has been studying the teams, their records, their strengths and weakness and agonizes over every box on their bracket. This person usually treats life the same way. They are great to have around for random facts and definitely the person you want on your trivia team.
  2. The educated guesser: This person knows a little bit about each team but they also know their odds of guessing a perfect bracket are very slim. They will make educated guesses but won’t spend too much time because they know it won’t matter if they do. This person is usually pretty competitive but also leaves some things up to chance.
  3. The “Which Mascot Would Win in a Fight”: This is the best person to discuss brackets with. They will justify their choices based on which mascot would win if the mascot animals had to fight each other (Example: would a tiger or an elephant win in a fight?). The most frustrating thing about this person is they probably win the office pool out of sheer luck! This type of person is fun to have around and can tell some pretty great stories.

How did you approach your bracket this year? Do you fall into one of Blue Chip Endeavor’s 3 types of bracket filler-outters?

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