Perceived Personality “Flaws” that Lead to Success

There are certain personality traits that society deems “acceptable” or advantageous and others that are looked at as detrimental to success. Why is this? Who made these characteristics the qualifying factors to our success?

We decided to take a look at some of the personal characteristics that are typically deemed as qualities that inhibit growth in our industry. As we looked more closely, we realized that not only was the stereotype not true, but many of these characteristics actually attribute to success in the business and entrepreneurial world!

Check it out:

  1. You are an introvert. If you’re an introvert or a shy person, chances are that you’ve heard it plenty of times; you should get a job where you won’t have to be in the spotlight. Stay behind stage; there are plenty of other things you can do.

Well, we say, heck no! Just because you may lean toward the introverted or shy side, doesn’t mean you can’t take the lead! Those who typically keep to themselves tend to be more insightful and observant. They usually have a great understanding of both themselves and what is going on around them.

  1. You’re stubborn. Stubbornness can be both a good and a bad thing.

The most successful people are some of the most stubborn you will meet- when it comes to their goals. They have their mind set on accomplishing something and they are going to do it! However, they are not stubborn in general. In order to be successful, you need to be flexible in your methods, reasoning and collaborations.      

  1. You walk the path less traveled. Are you a loner…. or are you an entrepreneur?!

When finding your path to success, there is a balancing act between following the advice of those who have succeeded before you and following your heart and your instincts. Particularly in the entrepreneurial world, you will have to forge a path that most of your friends and acquaintances will try to dissuade you from. Follow your instincts. Do what you know you’re capable of doing.

  1. You get a bit obsessed with things. Obsession is never a good thing…..but being seriously focused on hitting your goals is.

            If you’ve always been the type to obsess over finishing a project or getting something that you want, why not turn that ability into a positive talent that works for you?! Focus your drive into accomplishing goals that lead to a successful career!

  1. Failing doesn’t faze you much. Nobody likes failing. Period. However, failure can break some or make some.

It is fine and healthy to move quickly past your missteps. We all make mistakes. It’s important to process through them; feel what we feel, fix them if we can, learn from them and move past them. The ability to accept failure as a part of life and a learning experience is a great quality to have.

  1. You don’t care what others think. Too many people waste time and energy worrying about what other people care and think.

If you’re one of those lucky few who don’t care, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of us. Keep your mind on your goals, stay true to your values, and set an example for all of those around you! As long as you’re doing the best that you can, who cares what anyone else thinks?!

  1. You’re outspoken. Some people equate outspokenness with rudeness. As long as you are not disrespectful with what you’re saying, speak up!

When people speak what’s on their mind, it is utterly refreshing. Most people want to hear the truth about their business, situation or themselves, even if it isn’t pleasant. As long as it’s delivered politely, the truth is almost always appreciated.

  1. You’re super confident. Confidence can really throw people off, especially those who aren’t too sure about themselves.

Confidence is one of the most difficult attributes to develop. Never worry about being “too confident”. You want to be sure of yourself, and there’s no shame in showing it! Arrogance, however, is certainly something you want to avoid. No one want to interact or do business with the person who is too full of him/herself to realize what’s going on around them.

In conclusion, anyone can be successful in this industry. Our team is made up of a very diverse crew of individuals.

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