Celebrating 5 Years in Business

Blue Chip Endeavors:  Putting People First.   That is our motto.  
What exactly is a ‘blue chip’?  Blue Chip athletes are the best of the best and that is what we want at our firm.  We want top notch talent to ensure the growth of the firm.  Building on this concept has helped us grow tremendously over the past five years.
Since opening in 2012 with just a staff of four, we now have helped expand our clients into 5 with over 85 team members that we help coach and mentor.  By the end of 2017, our organization plans to aid in two more expansions.  In the next five years, we plan to have 30 independent offices nationwide to continue to provide opportunity for the clients and our growing team.  Our team is hard working, has an excellent student mentality, a positive attitude, and high integrity.  These characteristics are what we continue to look for and all reasons that they deserve to attain their goals, personally and professionally.  
Blue Chip Endeavors finds travel to be a huge part of the culture.  This helps build character, learn from top performers, expand our experiences, and develop new skills.  We have been to many places over the years.  These places include Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, Arkansas, Denver, Dallas and Austin.  We have also been to Cancun, Miami, Vegas, Phoenix, and the Bahamas.
Along with this travel, comes awards.  The firm has won awards for consistency of revenue for our clients, a 20/20 award for growth of the firm and revenue made, the same with the 50/50 award.  Dan himself was nominated for a top performing manager, Courage under fire, and was selected to attend Superbowl 50 and an elite conference for managers excelling in the field.
We would also like to give a huge shout out to the recruiting team for hitting and exceeding goals to grow the organization!  This team is award winning and we know the next five years look bright!
To learn more about Blue Chip Endeavors, visit us on youtube.  

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